Post-listening exercise (Family)


Record yourself or practice with a partner to answer the questions.

1. How many brothers does Sergio have? How old are they?

2. How old is Mary’s sister?

3. How many children does Mary’s sister have?

4. What does Sergio’s dad do for a living? What does his mom do?

5. Who is waiting for Sergio?

6. How many siblings do you have?

7.What do your parents do?



Listening (Family)

Listen to the recording here!

Listening audioscript 

S: Hi Mary! How are you?

M: Hi Sergio! I am good! How is your family?

S: They are all very busy. My mom and dad have to work early in the morning and I have to take my 2 brothers to school.

M: Yes, I remember. How old are they?

S: One is 13 years old and the other is 14 years old. They are both in high school! Mary, do you have any siblings?

M: Yes, I have one older sister. She is 30 years old.

S: Do you have any nephews or nieces?

M: Yes. My sister has two sons. Their names are Isaac and Mike.

S: I see. How old are they?

M: They are twins. They were born last year, so they are one year old.

S: Congratulations!

M: Thank you. What are your parents jobs?

S: My dad is a chef and my mom cleans houses. What do your parents do?

M: My parents are English teachers.

S: I have to go soon, my grandparents are waiting for me.

M: Okay, see you later alligator!

S: In a while, crocodile!

Listening (Getting around)

Listen to the audio here!

Listening Audioscript

K: Hi Sergio!

S: Hi Karen!

K: What are you doing?

S: I am waiting for the bus.

K: Me too. Where are you going?

S: I am going shopping on Church Street. What about you?

K: Wow, me too!

S: Which bus are you taking?

K: I am taking the Route 6 bus at 1 o’clock.

S: That’s great.

K: Where are you going to shop?

S: First, I will go to the Burlington Mall. In 1 hour, I will go to Ben and Jerry’s. What about you?

K: Great! First I will go to the co-op to buy some apples. Next, I will go swimming in Lake Champlain.

S: What time will you go back home?

K: I will go back home at six o’clock. I will take the Route 6 bus to Shelburne Road.

S: I am taking the same bus.

K: Great! Can you bring me some ice cream?

S: Of course! What is your favourite ice cream?

K: My favourite is chocolate.

S: Sounds great. See you soon Karen!

K: Bye Sergio!

Listening (What to wear)


This listening activity focuses on a visit to a clothes shop.

It includes vocabulary on colours, types of clothes and different sizes.


Listen to the audio here!


Listening audioscript

M: Hello! Welcome to my clothes shop! How are you today?

K: I am great thank you.

M: What would you like to buy?

K: I would like to buy a dress.

M: Great! Please follow me to see our dresses.


K: Wow, these dresses are beautiful! I really like this one. Do you have it in another colour?

M: We have that dress in blue, purple, red and pink. Which would you like?

K: I would like this dress in purple please. How much is it?

M: This dress in purple costs 50 dollars.

K: (shocked)Oh, no no no! 50 dollars is too expensive for me. Do you have any cheaper dresses?

M: Of course. Please follow me.


K: Oh, look at these pants! I really like them. What sizes do you have?

M: We have those pants in sizes 8, 9, 10 and 11. What is your size?

K: Oh, I am size 12.

M: Sorry, we do not have these pants in size 12.

K: Never mind. Do you have any black shoes?

M: Yes, follow me.


K: These shoes are so soft. I would like to buy them.

M: Of course. What is your shoe size?

K: My shoe size is 8.

M: Let me get these shoes in size 8 for you.

K: Thank you.

M: Do you want to buy anything else?

K: No thank you. I might come back tomorrow.

M: Okay. Thank you for coming. Bye bye!

K: Goodbye.

Post-listening exercise

After listening, practice answering the questions with a partner.

  1.     What time does Sergio get up?
  2.     What 4 classes does Sergio go to?
  3.     What time does Sergio eat lunch?
  4.     What does Sergio do first when he goes home?
  5.     What time does Sergio go to bed?
  6.     Answer Sergio’s question: What about you? What does your daily schedule look like?


Listen to the audio here!

Listening audioscript 

M: Hello Sergio, how are you?

S: Hello Mary, (yawn) I am tired. I woke up very early today.

M: What time do you wake up and go to school?

S: In the morning, I get up at seven o’clock.  I go to school by bus. I get to the bus stop at seven thirty am.

M: What classes do you have today?

S: First, I have PE at 8am. Next, I have Math and US History. I have lunch at 12pm, then I go to my Excell class at 1.30pm.

M: What do you do when you go home?

S: When I get home, I take a shower. Then I do my homework. After that, I listen to music by Beyonce on YouTube. Next, I go to sleep.

M: What time do you go to bed?

S: I go to bed at nine thirty pm. What about you? What does your daily schedule look like?