Listening (Getting around)

Listen to the audio here!

Listening Audioscript

K: Hi Sergio!

S: Hi Karen!

K: What are you doing?

S: I am waiting for the bus.

K: Me too. Where are you going?

S: I am going shopping on Church Street. What about you?

K: Wow, me too!

S: Which bus are you taking?

K: I am taking the Route 6 bus at 1 o’clock.

S: That’s great.

K: Where are you going to shop?

S: First, I will go to the Burlington Mall. In 1 hour, I will go to Ben and Jerry’s. What about you?

K: Great! First I will go to the co-op to buy some apples. Next, I will go swimming in Lake Champlain.

S: What time will you go back home?

K: I will go back home at six o’clock. I will take the Route 6 bus to Shelburne Road.

S: I am taking the same bus.

K: Great! Can you bring me some ice cream?

S: Of course! What is your favourite ice cream?

K: My favourite is chocolate.

S: Sounds great. See you soon Karen!

K: Bye Sergio!

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