Post-listening exercise (What to wear)

Record yourself or practice with a partner to answer these questions.

1. What does Karen want to buy?

2. How much is the dress?

3. What does Karen buy?

4. What are you wearing?

5. What is your shoe size?


Listening (What to wear)


This listening activity focuses on a visit to a clothes shop.

It includes vocabulary on colours, types of clothes and different sizes.


Listen to the audio here!


Listening audioscript

M: Hello! Welcome to my clothes shop! How are you today?

K: I am great thank you.

M: What would you like to buy?

K: I would like to buy a dress.

M: Great! Please follow me to see our dresses.


K: Wow, these dresses are beautiful! I really like this one. Do you have it in another colour?

M: We have that dress in blue, purple, red and pink. Which would you like?

K: I would like this dress in purple please. How much is it?

M: This dress in purple costs 50 dollars.

K: (shocked)Oh, no no no! 50 dollars is too expensive for me. Do you have any cheaper dresses?

M: Of course. Please follow me.


K: Oh, look at these pants! I really like them. What sizes do you have?

M: We have those pants in sizes 8, 9, 10 and 11. What is your size?

K: Oh, I am size 12.

M: Sorry, we do not have these pants in size 12.

K: Never mind. Do you have any black shoes?

M: Yes, follow me.


K: These shoes are so soft. I would like to buy them.

M: Of course. What is your shoe size?

K: My shoe size is 8.

M: Let me get these shoes in size 8 for you.

K: Thank you.

M: Do you want to buy anything else?

K: No thank you. I might come back tomorrow.

M: Okay. Thank you for coming. Bye bye!

K: Goodbye.