Post-listening exercises (Getting around)

Record yourself or practice with a partner to answer the questions.

1. Which bus is Karen taking?

2. What is Sergio going to do on Church Street?

3. What is Karen going to buy at the co-op?

4. When will Sergio and Karen go back home

5. What is Karen’s favorite ice cream flavor?

6. Where are you going after school?

Listening (Getting around)

Listen to the audio here!

Listening Audioscript

K: Hi Sergio!

S: Hi Karen!

K: What are you doing?

S: I am waiting for the bus.

K: Me too. Where are you going?

S: I am going shopping on Church Street. What about you?

K: Wow, me too!

S: Which bus are you taking?

K: I am taking the Route 6 bus at 1 o’clock.

S: That’s great.

K: Where are you going to shop?

S: First, I will go to the Burlington Mall. In 1 hour, I will go to Ben and Jerry’s. What about you?

K: Great! First I will go to the co-op to buy some apples. Next, I will go swimming in Lake Champlain.

S: What time will you go back home?

K: I will go back home at six o’clock. I will take the Route 6 bus to Shelburne Road.

S: I am taking the same bus.

K: Great! Can you bring me some ice cream?

S: Of course! What is your favourite ice cream?

K: My favourite is chocolate.

S: Sounds great. See you soon Karen!

K: Bye Sergio!