1. Game: Match the shapes with the word.

Shapes Vocabulary ESL Memory Game – Easy

2. Listen and record

Look at this house and listen to the recording.


This is a house. The roof is a red triangle. The house is a green rectangle. The two windows are blue rectangles. The door is a blue rectangle. There is a brown chimney with smoke coming out!

How about this house? Record yourself and don’t forget the colors! 


3. Game: Help the dinosaur find the right gems.

4. In class: Actor & artist game

Student 1 teaches Student 2 how to draw.

Example: To draw a pig, draw a big circle. Draw two triangles for ears. Draw a small circle for the nose and draw two eyes.

drawing ideas:

pictures to draw


My body, my health

1. Game: Listen to the instructions and build your own monster!


2. Game: Simon says (in class)

The teacher gives instructions and the students follow. After one round, students can switch and do it with each other.

For example:

Simon says, touch your nose

Simon says, touch your eyes. 

3. Song: Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes (in class)

The song speeds up, see how fast you can sing this!

4. Game: Play Bingo (in class)

After learning all the body parts, play bingo in class.

The first file contains different bingo cards for students.

The second file is for the teacher and contains all the body parts that may appear on the bingo cards. Cut them up and put into a little bag. Draw one and say the body part. If students have it, they can cross it out. The first one to get 4 straight/ across/ diagonal wins.



More body parts Bingo sheets: